Message from the President

Message from the President



Mr. Hiroshi Aoki

It is always our great pleasure to serve you.

Hino Motors Philippines Corp. (HMP) seeks to contribute to sustainable development by helping people and goods arrive at their destination safely and economically.


With our industry experience spanning 40 years, HMP, being a premium brand as a Toyota Group Company, has solidified its position as a global one-stop shop for both small to medium businesses and large companies alike. By offering uncompromising reliability, safety and economy in transport, HMP ensures its partners can leverage its product and service expertise to meet their shipment and logistics needs.

As we move forward together as partners in business and in growth, we will continue developing innovative technologies to improve our product and service quality. Through our open communication with business partners, dealers and loyal customers, we hope to further expand and nurture our network in the coming years.

We are committed to enhancing our partners’ capabilities in fulfilling logistic demands.

Total Quality Support” to customer needs and full customer satisfaction is our mantra and we are steadfast in pursuing product and service excellence to deliver this promise.

Thank you for your continued support.